Tea Tasting Training - Japan

Tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the 700s AD. Beginning as a luxury for the social elite and for religious practices, tea has become an integral part of Japanese culture. Japanese tea has also evolved over the centuries and there are dozens of manufacturing variations and unique terroir. Japanese tea tasters must learn to recognize minute differences between similar types as well as be fluent in loose and ground teas (Mat Cha).

This 5 day course focuses exclusively on teas from Japan. Students will learn the standard tasting techniques relative to the types of tea as well as learn to critically evaluate, recognize and comment on several famous Japanese teas. Students will prepare and sample approximately 100 cups of tea per day, keep detailed tasting notes and engage in comparative discussions.

Held in the ITCC Intl. Tea Training Center, in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. Following satisfactory completion of all course materials and the final exam, students receive a certificate of achievement from ITCC.

Program tuition includes all training by world renowned tea experts, all course materials, all accommodations for the five days and nights, breakfast and lunch each day, scheduled recreational activities and group airport transfers.

  1. The 5 day intensive training program covers:          

    1. Tea History of Japan
    2. Unique Environment / Terroir
    3. Introduction and Development of Tea
      1. Statistics
      2. Tea Estates
    4. Varietals and Cultivars
      1. Entomology
      2. Propagation – Seeds, Clones, Grafts
    5. Tea Garden Management
      1. Planting, Irrigation, Drainage, Shade, Soil, Fertilizers
      2. Pruning
      3. Monoculture Issues
      4. Pests, Diseases, Weeds - Treatments
      5. Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable Practices
    6. Harvesting
      1. Flushes
      2. Standards – Quality vs Quantity, Machine vs Hand
      3. Labor Issues
    7. Manufacture
      1. Types of Tea
      2. Processing Steps
    8. Types of Tea
    9. Evaluation and Grading
    10. Specialty Teas and Innovations
    11. Final Exam

Course fee: $995 per person ($795 for Members). Maximum 8 people.