Tea Foundations

The Tea Foundations course is an immersive, five day, training program that covers the basics of tea knowledge. It is designed for those who have a deep interest in learning the fundamentals either for use in the tea industry or for deep personal knowledge and tea appreciation. It is the perfect crash course for staff training.

Held in the ITCC Intl. Tea Training Center, in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. Following satisfactory completion of all course materials and the final exam, students receive a certificate of achievement from ITCC.

Program tuition includes all training by world renowned tea experts, all course materials, all accommodations for the five days and nights, breakfast and lunch each day, scheduled recreational activities and group airport transfers.

The 5 day intensive training program that covers:   

  • Basic tea knowledge including:
    • History of discovery and use
    • Plant entomology, variations and propagation
    • Manufacturing methods and tea categories
    • Environmental/workforce dynamics
    • Plant development and pest management research
    • Sustainable practices
  • Focus on origin regions including manufacture methods, production sub-regions, evaluative/comparative tea tasting, preparation,
    • Teas from China
      • Main Growing Regions
      • Green Teas – Dragon Well, Yellow Meadow, Huangshan Maojian, Zhen Mei
      • White Teas – Silver Needle (new and aged), White Peony (new and aged)
      • Yellow Teas – Mengding Huang Ya, HuoShan Huang Ya
      • Oolong Teas – Ro Gui, Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong, Tie Guan Yin.
      • Black Teas – Yunnan, Qimen, Wuyi Shan
      • Fermented Teas – Pu Er: Sheng and Shu, New and Compressed and Loose, Old tree and young tree.
      • Traditional Scented/Blended Teas – Jasmine, Osmanthus, 8 Treasures, Chrysanthemum
    • Teas from Japan
      • Main Growing Regions
      • Green Teas – Matcha (grades and origins), Sen Cha (grades and origins), Gyokuro (grades and origins), Kuki Cha, Houji Cha, Genmai Cha, Temomi Cha
      • Black Teas – grades, cultivars and origins
    • Teas from India
      • Main Growing Regions
      • Darjeeling - Grades, gardens and flushes
      • Assam - Grades including CTC, gardens and flushes
      • Nilgiris - Grades, gardens and flushes
      • Non-Traditional pure teas (greens, oolongs, aged)
      • Masala Cha - Traditional and blends
    • Teas from Sri Lanka
      • Main Growing Regions
      • Black Teas – Orthodox
      • Black Teas – CTC
      • Non-traditional teas (greens, whites)
      Teas from Kenya
      • Main Growing Regions
      • Black Teas – Orthodox
      • Black Teas – CTC
      • Non-traditional teas (greens, whites)
      Teas from Other Regions
        • Main Growing Regions
        • Tea Types

      Course fee: $995 per person ($795 for Members). Maximum 8 people.