Sponsors may be suppliers, gardens, factories, companies or dealers. They gain direct access and exposure to tasters from a range of markets. They receive valuable feedback on product features directly from consumers. Sponsors gain uniquely positioned public relations exposure and can enhance brand or name recognition. Suppliers and dealers may take advantage of the highly qualified additional sales outlets.

  1. Sponsors are afforded the ability to contribute tea samples for consideration in Cupping Events.
  2. Sponsorships may be for an annual term or for the duration of one Cupping Event.
  3. Sponsors will be advertising to qualified tea drinkers of all levels.
  4. Sponsors may be patrons for individuals and cover the membership cost of individuals.
  5. Sponsors gain visibility and exposure for their company, organizations or brand.
  6. Sponsors are encouraged to contribute posts to the Community Board and submit content to the ITCC newsletter.
  7. Sponsors have access to all the same information and resources as members.
  8. Sponsors can interact directly with all members via the Community Board.
  9. Sponsor may solicit and fulfill orders, for teas they contribute to Cupping Events, of 1 kg or more.
  10. Sponsors brochures or information is included with Cupping Event materials.