Professional Tea Tasting Training

The skills of a professional tea taster are developed over years of training. First learning how to differentiate taste and aroma attributes and then being able to recognize relative quality and value, the student may taste hundreds of cups of tea in a day. The goal is to apply these unique skills, assisting buyers establish, achieve and maintain their objectives through selecting, valuation, even sourcing and selling their tea offerings. Experts may specialize in one tea production region or apply the same organoleptic skills to teas of other or multiple regions.

The Professional Tea Tasting Training Series offers week-long, intensive courses on individual regions as well as one course which combines tea tasting techniques of the major tea producing countries. Candidates who complete each training are awarded an official certificate of accomplishment by the ITCC. Further, in-country training is also available for candidates who wish to explore additional levels of mastery.

Course discounts for ITCC Members !!  Member and Non-member deposits are shown on the page for each course. An invoice for the balance due for the course(s) will be sent upon receipt of the Registration Form.