The ITCC works constantly with tea manufacturers, suppliers and organizations in different tea producing regions to source premium teas for our unique, quazi-virtual tea tastings called Cupping Events.

Members from all over the world are given a chance to register to participate in Cupping Events. Each Cupping Event focuses on specific teas or teas from certain areas. Limited to the first 16 registrants, participants (Cuppers) receive a Cupping Event Sample Kit which contains 2 ounce (57 gram) samples of usually 8 to 10 teas and other materials that help the Cupper to effectively evaluate the teas.

By participating in a Cupping Event a Cupper will be able to experience a range of teas and generally gain access to these  high quality teas before they are available through traditional retail channels.  Once a Cupping Event has concluded, members of the ITCC are able to purchace the teas that were sampled.

After all the evaluation data from a Cupping Event is compiled, the ITCC communicates the information back to the tea producers and suppliers for their use in efforts to advance production techniques and continue to create higher quality teas.

Below is a list of regions and teas currently selected for Cupping Events.

Darjeeling First Flush
• Assam Second Flush
• Special Production Teas

Dragon Well
• Bi Luo Chun
• Pu Er (Compressed and Loose / Raw and Ripe)
• Wuyi Shan Oolongs
• Anxi Tie Guan Yin
• Yunnan Black Teas (Dian Hong)

Shin Cha
• Gyokuro
• Sen Cha
• Mat Cha

• Blacks

S. Korea
U Jeon
• Se Jak