Teas of Nepal Cupping Event

Nepal has a relatively short history of tea growing however, it has become a major player in the specialty tea industry in the past 10-15 years. In addition to more benchmark teas which are similar to teas from neighboring Darjeeling, Nepali tea growers have quickly been venturing out in new directions creating some of the most amazing specialty teas produced. In this Cupping Event, members will examine and evaluate 8 teas from different tea producers in Nepal. Differences in geography, altitude, season, bush cultivar, leaf grade and of course processing technique will influence the spectrum of tastes, aromas and colors found in the samples. This Cupping Event Kit includes: 8 Nepal tea samples, detailed information about each sample, cupping procedure manual, 3 piece Nepal Tea cupping set, digital scale, thermometer, pH test strips, tasting terminology sheet and tea tasting logs.

Important: participants are expected to cup all samples and submit their evaluation log sheet (spread sheet) according to the schedule. It is essential that everyone participate fully so that all the cuppers' responses can be collected and posted to the ITCC website as well as shared with the suppliers for their review. We contribute to one another through sharing our knowledge.  

Cupping Event Kit "Lite" version is available for members who have previously participated in a Cupping Event and who already have all of the cupping equipment. Additional cupping sets may be ordered separately.