Tie Guan Yin Autumn 2012

Tie Guan Yin (aka Iron Goddess of Mercy) is one of the most loved kinds of oolongs in China. The teas for this Cupping Event are from the highly prized Autumn harvest, from Anxi, in Southern Fujian province, China. While the Spring crop produces stronger, more robust teas, Autumn harvest teas are known for their etherial, floral aromas.  The mountainous contours of Anxi prefecture are ideal for producing these lightly oxidized oolongs. Environmental stressors bring out the best in the bushes which, in some cases, are only allowed to reach 7-10 years of age before beng uprooted. Most Tie Guan Yin teas are actually blends so in addition to skilled manufacture, the blender must be a master of flavor. This Cupping Event will examine 8 exquisite samples, from different gardens and blenders. In no particular order they are:

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Follow the Cuppers' Evaluations on the Commuinty Boards.

This Cupping Event Sample Kit Includes:
• Eight 2 ounce (57 gram) tea samples • Professional "Gaiwan" cupping set
• Cupping log forms • Tea tasting terminology chart • Thermometer • Gram scale • Water pH test strips
• Detailed sample information  • Cupping procedure guidelines
Cost US$150

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