Assam Second Flush 2011

This Cupping Event will investigate rich flavory teas from Assam, Inda. Although both First and Autumnal flushes produce popular teas, it is the Second Flush teas that are the most complex and deep in character. The life-giving Bramaputra River flows through most of the region and the growing contours are fairly flat. Native growing tea trees were "discovered" here in the late 1820s and Assam has grown to be the biggest single regional source for Indian teas, by volume. Choice samples from 10 estates will be tested in this event. In no particular order they are:

 • Mokalbari • Teloijan • Daisajan• Gengia • Belseri• Singlijan • Hattialli • Harmutty • Panitola • Khongea

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 This Cupping Event Sample Kit Includes:
• Ten 2 ounce (57 gram) tea samples • Three piece professional cupping set
• Cupping log forms • Tea tasting terminology chart • Thermometer • Gram scale • Water pH test strips
• Detailed sample information  • Cupping procedure guidelines
Cost US$100

 » Registration for this Cupping Event is now closed «

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