Darjeeling First Flush 2011

This Cupping Event will evaluate prized teas from 10 different Darjeeling Estates. Since the 1840's the hills of Darjeeling, West Bengal have been producing some of the most refined teas in the world. Samples of these premium, select teas come from some very well known estates while others are small, family run gardens. The pride of each garden, all are picked in the beginning of the prized First Flush season. In no particular order they are:

• Gopaldhara • Glenburn • Jungpana • Giddapahar • Okayti
• Sourenee • Castleton • Margaret's Hope • Singbulli • Thurbo

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This Cupping Event Sample Kit Includes:
• Ten 2 ounce (57 gram) tea samples • Three piece professional cupping set
• Cupping log forms • Tea tasting terminology chart • Thermometer • Gram scale • Water pH test strips
• Detailed sample information  • Cupping procedure guidelines
Cost US$125

 » Registration for this Cupping Event is now closed «

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