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Terry 1Tea Culture in Hong Kong
by Terry Ma

Tea is one of the important culture in China. The Chinese emperor---Qianlong told his officer:" We cannot be without an emperor in our country, and the emperor cannot be without tea in his daily life."

I can't stop tasting tea in my life,
and I can't stop buying tea. I am a tea collector!

When I am traveling, I must buy many kinds of tea.
Because I think if we want to understand the culture of a country, drinking the tea is the fast way.

When you want to know more about your new friend,
you don’t need to learn face reading or line reading.
You can invite him to drink tea,
then you will know his character easily.

Unfortunately, although Hong Kong have many tea masters,
the young people think drinking tea is an old school activity.
They prefer to drink coffee more,

I hope in the future,
tea culture will be popular again In Hong Kong. 


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09 2017

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