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Tea and Me

img_9092by Petra Naplavova

Tea and me
Tea is an excellent drink and a great companion all my life. It invigorates my sleepy morning, it warms one up and cools one down, and has calming effect too… J I have always appreciated tea diversity, tasting different types of teas and flavour combinations. This year it has been 7 years since I joined OXALIS – Tea and Coffee Company. I am proud to say that my job is my hobby at the same time. I’m involved in tea and coffee tasting, I take part in selecting teas and coffees and I deal with quality control. Besides, my job comprises research and development of new flavoured teas. Working with tea is simply my pleasure!

Tea Culture in the Czech Republic
Tea is very popular in the Czech Republic these days. There are plenty of tea rooms opening every year. They are considered places, where you can relax, meet other people or just drink tea. People are interested in tea increasingly and mainly high quality teas are on demand. They want to learn more and more about them, about tea growing areas, ways of manufacture and so on. I strongly feel that Matcha tea is playing the main role nowadays. It can be used as a drink, or in baking, cooking, ice tea mixes etc. In addition, it is popular to use it in gastronomy and pair tea with food or cocktails. This year the first tea competition took place in the Czech Republic – Tea Masters Cup where participants could compete in two categories – tea preparation and tea tasting. Next year, there should be one more category - tea mixology. Those who wish to learn something about tea ceremony can apply for a course at a tea school. img_9087

In a steadily-growing European speciality tea and coffee market, Oxalis is proud to be recognised and respected as a major importer, blender, wholesaler and exporter of the finest teas and speciality coffees. In addition, Oxalis sells plantation cocoa, chocolate and an impressive range of related accessories, most of which are custom-made designs.

We constantly strive to innovate and create new beverages to meet consumer expectations and changing tastes. Our wide range covers everyday, traditional and speciality teas, as well as fruit and herbal infusions that are sure to delight the taste buds.

We import loose tea and green coffee directly from premier tea and coffee gardens across the globe. By doing so, our customers are certain to benefit from the finest quality at the most favourable prices. Oxalis produces more than 400 types of fine loose tea, both pure and flavoured. Furthermore, we sell over 20 varieties of 100 % pure Arabica speciality coffee, and the same number of flavoured coffees.

Oxalis was set up in 1993 as an importer of loose leaf tea to the Czech Republic. Coffee became part of the company's portfolio a few years later. Thanks to our professional approach and the quality of the products, we have become the market leader in the Czech Republic in loose tea and coffee.

So far we have opened a total of 26 retail units in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Beyond that there are 17 franchise outlets. Furthermore, our products are sold to more than 800 regular customers, including retail chains and shops, internet shops, health food shops and tea rooms. On average, we sell more than 300 tons of tea and 60 tons of coffee per year.


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