Suppliers are Sponsors and ITCC members who represent tea companies, organizations, even tea gardens, who source tea samples for Cupping Events. There is only one Supplier per Cupping Event. Members of any kind may petition to be a Supplier for a Cupping Event. Suppliers agree to package the tea samples into 2 ounce (57 gram) bags (supplied by ITCC), assemble Cupping Event Kits and ship the kits to the Cupping Event participants. Suppliers may not register for a Cupping Event for which they are sourcing samples. A tea garden, company or organization who is not the selected Supplier for an event may still enter samples for consideration but must do so via the official Supplier. Suppliers agree to handle all samples with due care and professionalism, regardless of their source. Sourcing Members who have samples that are accepted for a Cupping Event may not register for that event. Suppliers and Sourcing Memebers receive all Cupping Event logs and comments which are intended to provide unbiased evaluations and other actionable information.

The Supplier (and Sources) must submit 1 kg of sample of each tea and must reserve a lot of at least 30 kg for subsequent sale following the Cupping Event in which the sample is entered. There are no guarantees of subsequent sales; however, a quantity of the top 3 teas from the Cupping Event will be purchased and sold by ITCC. The balance of the lot may be sold directly to ITCC members when the order quantity is greater than 1 kg. The balance of the lot may also be used at the discretion of the Supplier or Source for sales outside the ITCC membership and/or used as promotional samples, featuring the ITCC ranking. Please submit a completed detailed Tea Sample Entry Form for each sample.

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