Darjeeling – Production Defects 2014

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Understanding the effects of the different processing steps on flavor and aroma is usually the pleasure of professional tea tasters. Usually one can say that there is something "off" with a tea or if they like or dislike it. But few know what made it that way. This event includes eight custom-produced samples from the famous tea center of Darjeeling. With samples made especially for ITCC, this event will explore the effects of specific production defects and compare test samples with properly made equivalents. Differences in plucking anomalies, withering times, de-enzyming temperatures, baking durations, off-grade sorting and other deficiencies will be highlighted.

This Cupping Event Sample Kit Includes: • Ten 2 ounce (57 gram) tea samples • Three piece professional cupping set • Cupping log forms • Tea tasting terminology chart • Thermometer • Gram scale • Water pH test strips • Detailed sample information  • Cupping procedure guidelines • Cost US$95

Registration for this event is now closed

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