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IMG_0833Hi, I’m Forest Zhang.

I first started drinking tea by the influence of my parents and elder people when I was a kid. They drank tea and shared with me. So, I grew up drinking tea. I mainly like red tea (black tea) and Chinese Oolong tea. I also sometimes enjoy Pu Er tea and other kinds of good tasting tea of quality which is safe for myself and Chinese customers.

I am a guy from Xiamen working at XIAMEN GREATWALL CORP., with foods export experience of 23 years worldwide. I have been involved in the tea trading business for over 10 years personally and start importing tea from Sri Lanka and other countries to China, in our own brand “TESTER”.

I wish to communicate with tea lovers worldwide, for tea enjoyment and for tea business. I welcome other ITCC members to contact me at Thanks.


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11 2017

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