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dokesilverneedleby Rajiv Lochan

Winning a gold in RIO was not as important as winning in O-Cha tea festival tea competition in Shizuoka two days back when both activities happened by a coincidence at the same time. Doke Silver Tips from Bihar made it to the gold category in the Indian section and we were so mirthful as this has been a featured tea in our ITCC shows worldwide.

Inside is always important in the long run but outside is also important was proved by Chitose Sashida of Tea Garden, Japan, who packed it so well for the judges to not to miss the tea since it was from the land of Buddha and an Indian Tea Board declared non-traditional tea growing area which is geographically just below the joint of Darjeeling & Nepal high altitude flavour junction so aptly called Kanchenjunga teas.

The citations will be presented in O-Cha Tea Expo in October last and we will personally be present there which will be immediately after ITCC Xiamen event where we will feature it again to the attending crowd.

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08 2016

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    Congratulations Rajiv. How interesting that there is a space for non-Japanese teas in a Japanese tea competition. It shows a global perspective. Can’t wait to taste it in Xiamen.

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