Last Call for Production Methods Cupping Event and WTExpo Report

IMG_20160616_154805091Attention all ITCC Members and Cuppers who have registered for the Production Method Cupping Event! Registration for this exciting event is about to close. There are currently only a few remaining spaces for this event so do sign up right away as registrations are honored on first come – first served basis.

ITCC was well represented at the World Tea Expo last month and several people visited our booth. I’m pleased to say that we have added 17 new members! In addition, our 7th Annual Cup Warming (international tea tasting social) went quite well and we tasted several very special teas including a black tea from Australia (thank you Sharyn), a black Dan Cong from China - the 1st place winner in the North American Tea Championship (thanks Shuwei), an exciting 2nd flush Darjeeling from the newly resurrected Kanchaan View / Rungneet tea estate (thanks Rajiv), a delicate Japanese black tea from Mt. Fuji area (thanks Naomi), an amazing Gyokuro (thanks Noli and Kyohei), a rich and sweet13537653_10157040193060487_1644202362854921726_n[1] Assam Golden tips from the Khongea estate (thanks Sidhant), a beautiful Taiping Houkui from Anhui, China (thanks Yanfei) and an exceptional hand-rolled black/white crossover tea from Kangaita estate in Kenya (thanks Dan).

The Cupping Event sample kits are being assembled and will be shipped out soon. to those who have registered. As soon as all Cuppers have confirmed receipt of their kits, we’ll get started. As always, full sample details and procedures for this event as well as professional cupping equipment are included in the kit. As of now, the following members have registered. If you don’t see your name and would like to register, please contact me immediately as we would like to get underway within the next couple of weeks.

Babette Donaldson
Dee Mandich
Nicole Burris
Georgia Rayan
Maggie Barnewall
Pierre Vrignaud
Sharlene Thomas
Manuel Solis
Baiba Stalidzane
Brandon Ford
Jo Nell Moss
Jo Johnson
Dan Robertson

The Production Methods Cupping Event will explore and evaluate 5 pairs of tea samples. Each pair contains one Orthodox (traditional leaf-style manufacturing) and one CTC (leaves are Cut, Torn and Curled into small granules). Both teas are from the same factory, picked around the same time and in some cases from the same tea bush type. This serves to minimize as many variables as possible so that we can gain a good understanding of what the manufacturing process has on the final outcome. In addition, the 5 pairs are from different tea regions including Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and China. So, we will also get to compare the difference across geographic origin. Very exciting!

The next Cupping Event is expected to be on the popular Dan Cong oolong teas from Phoenix Mt. (Fenghuang Shan) in Chaozhou, China. Though they originate from a common ancestor, several cultivars have been developed that have unique characteristics ranging from honey, peaches, almonds, gardenia, orchids, tuber rose, persimmon and even one called “Duck Shit”. Registration is expected to open for this event in September so please watch the ITCC website for updates.

I will be in Hong Kong from Aug. 8-17 at the Hong Kong Intl. Tea Fair. After such a good turn out last year we have been requested to host our Second Annual Cup Warming there.  If anyone is in the area, all ITCC members and friends are invited to attend. We will have presenters (and taste teas) from India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Australia.


Likewise, ITCC will again host our annual Cup Warming at the Xiamen (China) Int. Tea Fair in October. Those members who are joining the Immersion: China-Oolong tour will be able to join the tea fair following the tour and attend the event. If anyone else is in the area, please plan on attending this very enthusiastic event. Free to all members and friends!

Also, please feel free to submit articles on news, events and topics in your tea world.

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