Rains reach you too…

Rainy tea leafby Rajiv Lochan

Whenever you buy a tea a droplet of rain comes along in your cup and if it is not there then the tea is too green which you do not like most of the time.

Now what happens when that droplet swells to become a window in the leaf by displacing chlorophyll and making it a see-thru surface temporarily.

You can easily understand now that this follows thru to the trough where the leaf is kept to wither overnight and then rolled, fermented and dried to make tea.

This effect is very much like the soil or bush magnesium deficiency but lasts so briefly as to disappear as soon as the sun comes out and the rain water drains off the slopes.

Teas made from such leaf are very dull black in appearance while dark and tasteless in the cup. The infusions are stewy and the dry leaf has a higher moisture content.

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09 2015

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