From Long Beach to Hong Kong

DSC08751-croppedIt was a pleasure meeting so many tea lovers at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA several weeks ago. For the first time ITCC had a booth of it's own and we welcomed quite a number of members and friends.  We also hosted our annual Cup Warming tea tasting social (7th year?). Rajiv Lochan presented his Doke Fusion black tea from Bihar, Radhika Prakash presented their Khongea black tea from  Assam, Shuwei Huang presented his Ba Xian and Shui Mi Xiang Dan Cong oolongs and Kyohei Sugimoto presented a Fukamushi Sen Cha from Shizuoka. The event was held on the main stage this year thanks to the WTE support.

The next Cup Warming will be at the Hong Kong Intl. Tea Fair on August 14th. Anyone in the area is invited to attend and join the fun with other members. Presenters will be from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and for the first time, Malaysia. Also, our annual Cup Warming at the Xiamen Intl. Tea Fair in October will host more wonderful teas and conversation. Do plan to attend if you can.

The next Cupping Event is on Japanese Shin Cha - the prized first crop of the season. Registration is almost full so do register now if you are interested in participating. We expect the event to get underway at the end of this month. Some really exceptional teas will be examined, including a hand rolled (Temomi) tea that was made (in part) by some of our own ITCC members on the recent Tea Tour of Japan! Only 500 grams were made.

On behalf of all the ITCC members I would like to wish our newest members a warm welcome and I look forward to tea-ing with you all soon. Remember, members can have their own events and post about them here on the Community Boards so let us know what you are up to.

Please welcome:
Daniel Hudson
Christine Lin
David Ting
Theresa Lee
Janice Adams
Terry Hathaway
Katie Watts
Lisa Baughman
Daniel Batista
Michele Schwien
Patrick Cannon
Wen Ni
Wes Cowan
Bettina Parish
Darya Martynenka
Carolyn Roberts
Gary Robson
Olusegun Ajose
Phyl Lynn
Klara Collins
Neely Hourigan


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07 2015

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