Dan Cong Oolong Tea

by Daniel Hong of Hong China Tea Co.

Dan Cong is aspecial kind of Oolong tea from Guangdong Province,China. It has the strongest after taste I have ever met and so many different characteristic aromas, it’s amazing. In Mt.Wudong, one normal Dan Cong tea tree can get the farmer US$5,000 per season.

Dan Cong means single bush. They make the tea one by one. You will get a different taste from a different bush. If you have ever drunk Tieguanyin and Da Hong Pao, Dan Cong sits somewhere in the middle of them. The balance is distinct and attractive.

 There are over 30 varieties although there are 10 most famous types; 1, Milan Xiang; 2, Huang Zhi Xiang; 3, Zhi Lan Xiang; 4, Gui Hua Xiang; 5, Yulan Xiang; 6, Ye Lai Xiang; 7, Jiang Hua Xiang; 8, Moli Xiang; 9, Xing Ren Xiang; 10, Fan Shu Xiang. Milan Xiang is the most popular and largest output. It is also named Baiye Dan Cong. It is the earliest Dan Cong to be harvested at around March 15.

There are many towns producing Dan Cong. The best quality is in FengHuang Mountain, especially the village named Wudong. It is located on the peak of the mountain, surrounded in fog the whole year. Some scholar said the history of Dan Cong can be traced back to Tang Dynasty, and there is a story about it. In the Song Dynasty the emperor was defeated and fled to FengHuang Mountain. His army was so thirsty and a farmers gave them Dan Cong tea. After drinking they all got recovered and defeated the enemy. In order to thank the farmers the emperor let the soldiers help to plant the tea and people named the tea as Song Zhong tea.

There are some local brewing habits you should be aware of. One of them is that the host will just offer 3 cups for drinking, no matter how many guests there are. Don’t complain or blame the host, it’s just their custom. Be patient and you will be served.

Actually the father of Dan Cong tea is Shui Xian tea. They select it and care for the tea trees bush by bush, so they call it Dan Cong. There are a lot of different Shui Xian teas in China. Wuyi Shui Xian is very famous. Zhang Ping Shui Xian is also pretty nice. Mostly it’s the environment that creates it and the processing method helps a lot too. In the high mountain there are so many bushes here that are over 100 hears old. The low and mid mountain area tea have lighter taste and aroma and cheaper in price of course.

The average price of Dan Cong from Wudong village is over 300 US dollars per kilogram. The total output is not big and not so many people know about the name, but seems there will be a bubble. Whatever, Dan Cong deserves a try.

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