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Progress in Darjeeling?

Assam PluckersWith the ongoing unrest and labor stoppage in Darjeeling, the tea industry is stagnant and desperate. New talks may bring hope to restoring some normalcy to the region.

This report from the Telegraph.


08 2017

Aid for Nepal

With the heart-wrenching disaster left in the wake of the recent earthquake in Nepal, many ITCC members and others have expressed a desire to contribute and do what they can for the effected people.

Recovery will be a long and painful process but as a community, we can support our friends as they reestablish their lives.

There are several ways to contribute. ITCC Vice Director - India, Mr. Rajiv Lochan (based in Siliguri, India) has already been working with CII (Confederation of India Industries) who has brought two truckloads of supplies to the effected area. The best way to support this effort is through a fund raising webpage set up by Jason McDonald (Great Mississippi Tea Company), who had just been in Nepal. The URL for this page is  Funds collected in this account will be sent on a regular basis to Mr. Lochan who in turn is over seeding the disbursement of the funds to ensure they go to the places of greatest need. CII is providing receipts so there is a transparent and traceable trail.

Another noted member of our tea community is Cynthia Gold, Manager and Tea Sommelier at L'Espalier (Boston) who is organizing a charity dinner / auction event with all proceeds to be donated to those in need. You may support her event by attending and bidding on the items donated by fellow tea businesses. You may also donate directly to her event by contacting her at


Nepali Mr. Sumaysh Agrrawal of Pranic Healing Trust Nepal has already been bringing much needed food and water to the remote village of Rasua which they have "adopted". Volunteers have been on the ground to serve & help the needy. Funds are being collected by ITCC and will be transferred to Mr. Agrrawal who oversees the use of the funds personally, getting the proper type of aid to those who need it most. To donate to this effort directly, contact ITCC Director Dan Robertson at Specify Pranic Healing Trust in your donations requests.

In cooperation with HIMCOOP (Himalayan Tea Cooperative) in Kathmandu, ITCC is also collecting funds. Mr. John Taylor (Director of HIMCOOP) is overseeing disbursements directly to areas and people in need. To donate to this effort directly, contact ITCC Director Dan Robertson at Specify HIMCOOP in your donations requests.

Of course, ITCC members are encouraged to post their own fundraising efforts and events on the Community Boards. Also, please let ITCC know of any other efforts being made through reliable people/groups where aid can go directly as possible to those who need the help.



05 2015