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Meet ITCC member Jennifer Yuen

Profile Pic - Jennifer YuenTea is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water.  I am a tea lover myself, and I cannot start my day without a good cuppa!  I think my livelihood in UK along with a big tea lover daddy, has got me interests in tea.

In UK, tea is consumed daily and is perceived as one of the British cultural beverages.  Tea is consumed both at home and outside the home, such as cafes, tea house, tea rooms, etc.  Usually, many homes, cafes / tea house serve afternoon tea with cakes / biscuits on fine porcelain --- this is a very traditional British cultural stereotype.

My company – Manjushree Plantations LTD, incorporated in 1938, offers a wide range of very fine tea to cater every discerning taste, specialize in producing and markets range of exotic, speciality, health and wellness tea.  Nestled in the lush Nilgiri Hills of Southern India, Manjushree is a multi-crop producer and supplier of premium tea, coffee and spices.

Manjushree is one of the oldest producers of fine tea in India, and one of the earliest growers of coffee in the region, producing crops since 1842.  Our Red Thunder Tea (Darjeeling Oolong) has recently received an award in the Hong Kong International Tea Competition under the Oolong Tea category.

We currently has numerous branches of our Tea Lounge in India for our customers to experience these traditional tea culture, and we would like to share this exceptional tea culture with everyone in the world.  Hopefully, this wonderful tea culture and experience will become popular soon.


09 2017

Progress in Darjeeling?

Assam PluckersWith the ongoing unrest and labor stoppage in Darjeeling, the tea industry is stagnant and desperate. New talks may bring hope to restoring some normalcy to the region.

This report from the Telegraph.


08 2017